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Get Cheap Web Hosting Starting at $3.95/mo.

SiteGround – Best Cheap Web Hosting Service

Get best web hosting deals at starting at $3.95/mo. Get 10 GB web space. This is a great deal if you have just one website around 10,000 monthly visits.

cheap web hosting

You can always upgrade to the bestseller plan anytime. Get hosting for $5.95/mo for multiple websites and the SuperCacher that greatly improves a WordPress and Joomla website speed.

cheap web hosting

Benefits of Cheap Web Hosting Services

cheap web hosting

Siteground web hosting delivers to what it promises. It has the latest speed technology with enhanced performance with NGINX, HTTP/2, PHP7 and free CDN.

In addition to quick server performance, SiteGround has five major data centers in Chicago, London, Amsterdam, Milan, and Singapore. This is important because the physical distance your website files travel matters. Many other major web hosting brands automatically assign customers to their one data center which is most likely in the middle of the US.

Another advantage is that you get a free SSL certificate. They also do daily backups, which is a good safety net feature when you don’t remember to do your own backups.

If you have huge traffic on your website you can upgrade to GoGeek plan. Your website will run smoothly even if you get up to 100,000 visitors per month which can be huge to deal with. But with Siteground, at just $11.95/mo you can have the peace of mind that your website won’t crash. How cool is that!

Cheap Web Hosting

So get signed up today for the best and cheap web hosting deals being offered by


Namesilo Coupon – Buy Domains At $7.99

Namesilo Coupon

Best Namesilo Coupon

Best Namesilo Coupon

Buy cheap and reliable domains at for just $7.99 using the coupon FREEWHOGUARD. The usual price is $8.99. Apply coupon code FREEWHOGUARD and get $1 off. This is the best deal for buying a domain with Lifetime Free Privacy.

Why Is Namesilo The Best Place To Buy Domains?

Namesilo is the best bet to buy domains that are cheap and affordable. Namesilo offers FREE LIFETIME PRIVACY. There should be no price tag on privacy. While other registrars add fees for WHOIS privacy or offer it for free for limited times, NameSilo protects your identity is completely free – FOREVER! Namesilo also provides additional security to protect you from spam and unsolicited contacts.

Namesilo charges you what you see. Yes, NO HIDDEN FEES. Unfortunately, most of the registrars make it very difficult to determine exactly what their fees are. They frequently advertise one price, but by the time the customer tacks on their fees and follow the trail of asterisks and fine print, they end up being charged a higher price. These types of “tricks” are not employed by NameSilo.

Namesilo offers ULTRA-SIMPLE INTEGRATION for several popular platforms. Customers do not need to worry about name servers, propagation or setting DNS records. Simply select the service to link to and be up and running in less than a minute!

Namesilo offers FREE DOMAIN PARKING of your domains and the ability to keep 100% of the advertising revenue generated. One can also control the content, color scheme, layout and more using our parking manager.

Comparison – Namesilo vs. NameCheap, Namesilo vs. GoDaddy, Namesilo vs. Google Domains & More


Namesilo Coupon

A List of Comparison – Namesilo vs. Namecheap, Namesilo vs. GoDaddy, Namesilo vs. Google Domains And More

Let’s take a look at Namesilo vs. GoDaddy. The usual price for buying a domain from Namesilo is $8.99. Use Namesilo Coupon FREEWHOGUARD and your price comes down to $7.99. That is the best deal one could ask for. GoDaddy’s domain price is $15.17. Namesilo offers free privacy for a lifetime. GoDaddy charges $9.99/year for privacy protection. Add protection and it’s $5.00 more. In all, buying a domain is $21.17 more expensive than buying it from Namesilo. 

Let’s now look at another comparison, Namesilo vs. Namecheap.  The usual price for buying a domain from Namesilo is $8.99. With Namesilo Coupon FREEWHOGUARD your price comes down to $7.99. The domain price to buy from Namecheap is $10.87. Add privacy for $2.88. As compared to Namesilo, Namecheap offers no protection. Ouch! In all, buying a domain from Namecheap is $4.76 more expensive than buying it from Namesilo. Not so cheap after all!

You can compare more price plans, such as Namesilo vs. Google, Namesilo vs. Domain.Com, Namesilo vs., Namesilo vs. Moniker, Namesilo vs. and so on here.

Domain Registration Pricing – Namesilo

Namesilo Coupon

Namesilo Domain Registration Pricing

All the add-ons such as WHOIS Privacy, Email Forwarding, Domain Defender Protection, Custom WHOIS Records and DNS Management are 100% free on Namesilo! More pricing for other extensions can be found here.

Domain Renewal Pricing – Namesilo

(all prices are per domain, per year)

Namesilo Coupon

Domain Renewal Pricing – Namesilo

Namesilo doesn’t charge more for renewing a domain than it would cost to register that domain (with the exception of .mobi and special promotions)! No tricks to get people in the door as a customer and then raise the prices to keep your domains with Namesilo as is the case with many of our competitors. More pricing details for other extensions can be found here.

Domain Transfer Pricing – Use Namesilo Coupon To Get $1.00 Off

Namesilo provides a one-year extension to the expiration date of all transferred domains included in the pricing below. More pricing details for other extensions can be found here. Use coupon FREEWHOGUARD and get $1 off while transfering your domain.

namesilo coupon

Namesilo Transfer Domain Pricing

Need More Convincing To Buy Domains From Namesilo?

Namesilo Coupon

Why Buy Domain From Namesilo?

Buy a domain today from You can’t get a better deal.

Start searching for your domain name today and use the code FREEWHOGUARD to get your domain name for just $7.99. 

To check out our other deals visit here.



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